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WILDLIFE REMOVAL SCARBOROUGH - Affordable Wildlife ControlIn Scarborough. Our balance of guaranteed service and affordable service charge make us an easy pick for homeowners in Scarborough looking for a wildlife removal company. Affordable Raccoon, Skunk & Squirrel Removal Scarborough.

Nuisance wildlife like squirrels & raccoons often move into human habitats in search of shelter and food. This is particularly true during raccoon & squirrel breeding seasons. Wouldn't it make more sense for these wild animals to live in the wild? Actually, the lack of open space is one of the reasons why wildlife move into your attic or beneath structures, including homes, sheds, and decks. Here are a few other reasons why your home looks so attractive to nuisance wildlife.

Removing Wildlife from Your Home

  While it won't be easy in many cases to get wildlife to leave by yourself, it is possible, if you”re very lucky that is. Removing the wildlife will be much easier if you simply hire a professional wildlife removal service to handle the task for you.

Wildlife often move into attics, sheds, and chimneys in search of a safe spot to live. Limiting entrance to these areas by installing prevention screening in a timely fashion and minimizing access to food and water on your property decreases the likelihood of a wildlife infestation.





Wildlife Look for Reasons to Stay

 Once nuisance raccoon or squirrels enters your attic, they search  for a comfortable spot to sleep and possibly have babies. If wildlife  does have babies, the likelihood that the pest will stay increases and an expert wildlife removal service will be required.

Once we have 

Every Wildlife Removal job in Scarborough starts with a comprehensive exterior inspection. We take the time to evaluate the soundness of your roof, so that a plan for prevention of wildlife returning can be created.

 Damaged Structures invites Wildlife

  Rotting wood is attractive to raccoons & squirrels simply because its presence provides an easy entrance into attic or under your deck. Torn window screens also provide an open invitation to wildlife and pests of all kinds. While home repairs might not be on the top of your "to do" list, completing them can help to keep wildlife and pests out of your yard. Do you live in Pickering? Get Wildlife Removal Pickering Info

Wildlife prevention screening will cost extra but is the only proven method to stop wildlife from gaining entry to unwanted areas of your property. In some cases we arrive to house and find that the only way to start the job is to install prevention.

Having Pets Might Encourage Wildlife to Visit

  If you have pets of your own, you might discover that wild animals such as raccoons are frequenting your yard or porch when your pet is safely contained. Do you feed your pet outside? If you do, it is a good idea to clean up any food that remains once your pet has finished eating. If you are already doing so, it might be the water bowl that is attracting wildlife into your yard. It is possible that having a pet might discourage some wildlife like racoons & squirrels from moving into your home, but other species might not mind sharing the roost with a few neighbours.

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